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Virgin America First Class Shoes

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Hot on the heels of Nike’s auto-lacing MAG is Virgin America’s totally unexpected and downright futuristic “First Class Shoe.” Made in collaboration with Eleven Inc. and Italian design geniuses over at SearchnDesign, this game-changing shoe boasts a covey of high-tech attributes including a USB port near the top line to charge your smartphone, mood lighting, Wi-Fi, and a tiny monitor fitted on the tongue that lets you play and watch your own videos. As far as the makeup goes, the hi-top receives an Italian white leather upper, a rubber outsole, and a stainless steel seat buckle wrapping around the uppermost part of the shoe.
Interested buyers can bid on Virgin America’s “First Class Shoe” on eBay with proceeds being donated to Soles4Souls (the final bid closing at $98,000)—”a not for profit global social enterprise committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing,” according to the organization’s mission statement. Take a look at the photos above and watch the video below to see it in action.

Mike McKay

Creative Director
Ricard Valero, Chad Leitz

Design and Manufacturing
Rob Heppler, Searchndesign (Italy)

Copy Writer
Jon Korn

Social Art Directors
Iriko Gunabe, Jacob Hellstrom

Social Copywriter
Julie Blakley
Iriko Gunabe

Calvin Wan

Project Management
Monique Verrier

Creative Technologist
Anderson Oliveira

Chris Caceres

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