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Identity work and brand guidelines

Getaround offers instant access to thousands of different car models in major cities across the US and Europe. While it’s an easy choice for someone who has gone carless, many people who own a car also use Getaround if they need an alternative for specific types of trips—an all-wheel drive vehicle for a trip to the mountains or a luxury car for a nice night out. We relaunched Getaround with a global campaign with a simple iconic visual, a new logo and brand platform meant to inspire the spontaneous nature of their customers: It’s Go Time. 


Creative Director
Ted Bluey

Senior Brand Designer
Iriko Gunabe

Video Director:
Patrick Daughters

Executive Producer
Jennifer Suttlemyre

Print photographer
Randal Ford

Logo redesign (custom made by myself)

Brand Guidelines (entire deck built by myself)
Art Direction 

30 Second spot

Vehicle Branding Explorations

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