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I was on a team located in Apple Marcom and worked with multiple production studios in Los Angeles. I helped develop, design and art direct multiple internal and external facing projects from from 2014-2019. Below is a limited selection of works with Apple. If you would like to see more, just ask.

Over the course of 5 years working with Apple I was fortunate enough to work directly on:

•  Brand Campaigns + Product Launches
•  Apple main site web design updates
•  Photoshoots
•  Custom icon designs
•  Print 
•  Email Marketing campaigns
•  AppleCare design
•  App Design

Creative Director 
Ted Bluey

Chris Ozer

Wardrobe Stylist
Kira Sheppard
Art Director & Designer
Iriko Gunabe

Darcy Diamond


Apple site masthead update

Previous Apple Support look & feel

Photography after refresh

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